TwisterCon XV - 2019


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Top Stories

  • New Sponsor for TwisterCon - Legendary Games
  • Player Registration
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    Dealer Registration

  • Website updated for 2018
  • Convention Site Found
    Hotel and Convention location for 2018 has been booked.
  • 2018 Awards (just as they were for 2017)

TwisterCon – 2018 Awards will be just as they were last year

Procedure- All Convention registrants will receive one numbered ballot. Registrants are not required to play in any of the games they vote for. All ballots must be turned into the Registration ballot holding box no later than 9pm Saturday night. Results will be announced @ 10pm. The following are this year’s categories.

Best of Show

A GM Award selected from all of the top Historical Miniatures Games.

Best Theme Event

A GM Award selected from all Theme Miniature Events including Historical, Science Fiction, Pulp Fiction, or Fantasy.

Best Terrain

Presented to the most creative and authentic modelers who are always staging a unique event to recognize..

Best Painted Army

Presented to the “Paint/Airbrush Rockstar” among us all. ?? Does a SAGA Irish Warband, or Bolt Action Falshirmjager platoon count as an Army? The answer is no.

GM Award Evaluation

Since judging is inevitably subjective, registrants are given the following general criteria for reference, and encouraged to see all events, and evaluate them based on:

Appearance: Impressive appealing figures, terrain, models, gaming tools and overall table layout.

Participation: Players are visibly enjoying the game, and all players asked respond enthusiastically.

Innovation: Unique methods, techniques or craftsmanship, GM showmanship and any other exceptional methods evident to produce a high quality event.

GM Effort: For a GM going 'above-and-beyond' to run many events, and/or large fun games or over a dozen gamers, informative/educational or multimedia efforts such as historical posters, flags, AV etc.

Press Releases

  • Website started.
  • Site and hotel location booked.
  • Newsletters going out.